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    • We are not obsessed with our Neurology Department, but our Cardiology Department is also not far away from our Neurology Department in terms of diagnosis.
    • The department of cardiology renders total cardiac care to our patients at a cost-effective solution. The first step towards your cardiology treatment begins with a consultation with one of the cardiology experts.
    • Our cardiology department has the best lab so that it can analyze your physical examination that is required for your diagnosis. In several years of treatment, our doctors have confronted many forms of heart diseases ranging from congestive heart failure to heart attack. Still, the approach to every treatment differs from disease to condition. That is why we take a close look at your issues and evaluate everything properly until we reach the final decision and begin the diagnosis. All these facts make it imperative to consult with your doctor and receive the correct form of diagnosis and treatment.
    • We take pride in the fact that our Cardiology Department houses a world-class doctor, which has helped us to achieve a high success rate percentage with every form of surgery we have done to date. Moreover, our hospital tries to cover all types of surgery effectively required for cardiac diseases.
    • Our cardiology department offers a wide range of Cardiac Services Such As Coronary Angiogram, Coronary Angioplasty, Electrophysiology, Emergency Angioplasty for acute heart attack treatment surgery, and many more. In other words, our cardiology department has widened the scope of services with time so that every patient in our country gets world-class treatment at an affordable price.
    • Whatever cardiac treatment you will be undergoing, it is imperative to take care of the post-operative measurements which our professionals will list it out to you after the surgery. This will ensure you to recover in the quickest possible time.
    • We believe that every patient deserves the best form of treatment, and this is the reason why our Cardiology Department has maintained nominal packages for treatment. Besides assuring you with unparalleled services, we also equally emphasize on taking care of your concern from the very first day of your consultation with our doctor to the last day you leave the hospital. This is what we believe in quality services, and we are committed to it since our inception.
    • We are one of the leading cardiac care units in Andhra Pradesh, we have emphasized on cutting edge technology and clinical innovation to carry out the treatment effectively.
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