best neurosurgeon in vijayawada

Neuro Surgery

    • Anu Hospital offers a wide range of neurosurgery where the areas of treatment include spine surgery, head injuries, brain tumors, endoscopic ventriculostomy, and many more. The 24/7 emergency services and the advanced labs have helped the department to achieve a high success rate with neurosurgery. The department of Stroke Treatment in Vijayawada is well established with 25 ICU beds, four laminar airflow operation theatre, diagnostic support, and the facility of the ambulance is also there.
    • The Neurology Hospital in Vijayawada is well set up with Neuro and Trauma Care to ensure that the patient receives quality treatment even after the post-surgery as well. The neurology department is not only headed by qualified Neurologists in Vijayawada, but the trained staff has also helped the Hospital to reach new heights. Check the website for further information.
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