Stroke Treatment in Vijayawada

Stroke signs and symptoms

Stroke signs and symptoms

  • 04/Dec/2019

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    Stroke is also known as a cerebrovascular accident. It generally takes place when there is a discrepancy in blood supply to the brain. The brain, one of the most vital organs of the body, cannot survive without oxygen, even for a while. The oxygen is supplied by blood itself. Therefore, any problem associated with it can cause a stroke.

    This can lead to irreversible damage to the brain, along with paralysis and crippling disability. Sometimes, it can even prove to be fatal and can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a stroke. You can identify them immediately and not waste valuable time in admitting someone to the hospital. Signs and symptoms are two different entities. SIgns are the characteristics observed by someone, while the person suffering from a problem presents symptoms.

    Strokes do not come with a warning sign and can occur at any time. It can be either gradual or sudden in onset. It is essential to identify the signs prematurely so that the ill-effects can be averted.

    Few symptoms associated with a stroke

    • Feeling of weakness, especially on one side which can manifest as numbness of the face and limbs
    • Sudden slurring of speech and mumbling of incomprehensible words
    • Having difficulty in seeing which can be impaired in either one or both eyes
    • Zoning out of conversation and inability to understand what others are saying. A characteristic confused look will wash over the face
    • Sudden loss of balance. People suffering from stroke can have difficulty in standing and may slump to the floor with uncoordinated movements
    • Feeling of dizziness and nausea of unexplained nature
    • Headache of a severe, throbbing nature which did not present with any prodromal signs

    All of these signs should be taken seriously, and you should call an ambulance immediately.

    In case you feel either you or someone near you is having a stroke, check out for these four primary symptoms known as the FAST test

    • Face- when the person smiles do his face droop or angulate to any one side
    • Arms- when the person tries to raise both his arms does one drop unceremoniously to the side
    • Speech- when you ask the person to speak, does he speak intangible and confusing words.
    • Time- if you feel that either of the above is right, you should jump to help immediately.

    he damaging effects of a stroke can be prevented if it is identified, and a treatment is given within 3 hours. Medications to remove blood clots are the most common one. If a blood vessel is ruptured, doctors can ligate it immediately before there is internal bleeding.

    Since acting fast can save a life, it is essential that everyone knows about the signs and symptoms of a stroke. If you have experienced it before, wear a bracelet with your details so that appropriate steps be taken. Most importantly, spread the word, especially about the FAST test. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you will be the hero of someone's life by saving them.

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