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What happens when I get home from the hospital after a heart attack?

What happens when I get home from the hospital after a heart attack?

  • 26/Feb/2020

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    Having a heart attack is a frightening and life-changing experience. With the advancing medical science, most people are able to survive their first heart attack and come back to their normal life. However, the recovery from a heart attack does not end when you get discharged from the hospital. You need to be equipped with new information regarding your heart health and learn to cope with the new change in your lifestyle. There are some important steps that you can take during your recovery period when you get home after a heart attack and fasten your recovery.

    1. Know the warning signs

    The foremost step important for you and your family is to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack so that you can seek immediate medical help. Every single minute is crucial in preventing the damaging effects of heart attack, so getting immediate medical care is a must.

    2. Follow your medication plan

    When you get discharged from the hospital after a heart attack, a new change in your life comes with lots of medicines and instructions. These medicines are important in the early phase of recovery to control your heart rate, keep your stent open and blood pressure and cholesterol low. Be clear about all the medications and talk to your doctor in case of any question.

    3. Make lifestyle changes

    It is important to opt for a healthy lifestyle as a part of your recovery. You need to quit smoking and drinking if you were doing it before your heart attack. Indulge in a regular physical activity, good heart-healthy diet and keep a track of your blood pressure and blood sugar to reduce the risk of cardiovascular.

    4. Join a cardiac rehab program

    Joining a cardiac rehab program two to three weeks after you get discharged from the hospital can be helpful in fastening your recovery from a heart attack. The program can help you in making dietary and lifestyle changes and resume exercising routine in a safe and monitored environment. Meeting people who have been through such experiences can also be supporting.

    5. Do regular activity

    Regular, moderate-intensity physical activity is good for you as it will help you recover from a heart attack, improve your long-term health and reduce the risk of other heart-related problems. Start slowly with activities like walking. Gradually, build your time for walking over time. Start by walking for 10 mins twice a day for two days. If you feel tired, keep walking for 10 mins twice a day until you feel stronger. Extend the timing only when you are able to achieve your walking target without any discomfort.

    6. Stay in contact with your healthcare team

    Your healthcare team is your ‘go-to’ person when you have any problem, so it is important to stay in touch with them and make them know how you are doing. You can also take your spouse or family member along during an appointment with the healthcare team. This can help in your recovery as they are the people who can support you by helping in adjusting to a new healthcare routine, follow the medication plan and adopt lifestyle and dietary changes.

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